A Message from Peter and Fiona about EzeeSport At Home

 Hello to all our EzeeSport Parents

We realise that it must be super tough right now having been forced to make huge adjustments to your lifestyles. Home educating and keeping children occupied, while still trying to work from home, keep a business going as well as all the other day to day chores and activities is quite a juggling act for some of us. Even doing a grocery shop can be a challenge these days!

As you know with the schools closing and everything else shutting down, we can no longer run our EzeeSport business.  It has been strange having this taken from us and we are really missing the children we coach each week. We would like our current EzeeSport parents to know how grateful we are to you for being so gracious and understanding. As a way of giving back and helping parents and children during these unprecedented times, we have been working on our EzeeSport at Home programme.

It hasn’t been easy because firstly, it is a whole lot easier being in front of a class of children who are giving you feedback than in front of a camera trying to think of ways to engage with children who aren’t there in that moment.
Secondly we are not as tech savvy as we would like to be , we still need to figure a few things out.
And thirdly we usually have more space and children in our classes, so coming up with skills and games that can be played indoors or in a small space is not that easy!
So please bear with us as we figure out how best to do this. You may have to adjust our classes according to the space and equipment you have available to you. We welcome any feedback that will help us to improve.

This is what we have been planning:
We have been working on lesson plans that will be about 20 minutes in length, although we recommend that your children pause the video and keep on practising a skill if they need more practice or are enjoying doing a certain skill.
We will produce lessons for 3 – 4 year old children (these can also be used for 2-year olds with a bit of extra help from mum or dad) Older siblings could also join in to help their younger siblings. This lesson will be released each Monday at 10am on our EzeeSport YouTube Channel.
We will also have  lessons for 5 – 8-year olds and these will be released each Monday at 2pm on our YouTube channel.
We recommend that your children do this lesson and keep practising these skills once or twice during that week.
Although we will be filming most of our lessons indoors, we would recommend (weather permitting ) that you do some of the skills outside where there is more space and less things to get damaged. If you do the lessons indoors, then find a room where you have as much space as possible to move around in and where things that could possibly get damaged are moved out of the way.

Your child will need the following equipment to do EzeeSport:
A big bouncy ball
A tennis ball or small ball that can bounce
A foam ball ( for indoor use)
A beanbag or soft beanie toy
You will also need something to use as a target – e.g. a bucket or wash basket
We will mention at the beginning of each video what equipment you will need.

We are going to do our best to set up a challenge once a week for your kids to do. Maybe they can challenge their friends to join them or they can challenge a parent. Here is this week's challenge: EzeeSport Seven's Challenge

We really hope that EzeeSport at Home will be of benefit to you and help get your kids a little more active during their time at home. We know that they must be frustrated having all their sport taken away from them but doing these lessons with us will at least help keep them practising and improving their coordination. If your child is doing EzeeSport At Home, please post on your Instagram and Facebook pages to share with others and use the hashtag #ezeesportathome so that we can help share this with other families with young children who may need this in their lives right now.

Keep on looking for the positive things each day.

You are in our thoughts and prayers as we all navigate through  this moment in history together,

Fiona and Peter