EzeeSport Classes and Camps Closed Until Further Notice!

Together we are Stronger

Hello lovely EzeeSport Parents,
Who would have thought at the start of 2020 that we would be in a situation today where schools, pubs, clubs, leisure centres, gyms, restaurants were closed and that so many of us would be self-isolating and social distancing? What a crazy world. It almost feels like we are in an apocalyptic movie.
Peter, Caitlin and I are so sad that we have had to close our classes and camps and that we won’t be seeing all our lovely EzeeSport children until things get back to normal. It has made us think what a huge blessing it is to go out and coach everyday and how much we do take for granted in our day to day lives. You never know, when all this is over, children may never complain about going to school again and adults may really appreciate catching a train into London for work.
We have been amazed at how incredibly understanding so many of you have been about all this. Thank you so much - we are feeling loved and supported at a very worrying time. Thank you to those of you who are not asking for refunds for the cancelled classes. This is probably one of the kindest things you could do for us right now to help us stay in business. We will naturally do our very best to make up for any cancelled classes when we are up and running again. We know that with this kind of support we will be able to recover and keep EzeeSport going for future children to benefit from.

While we are all forced to slow down or do things differently, let us not miss out on opportunities to use this time wisely. We have been given a rare moment in history to really connect with our children in a new way. I know that there are going to be trying times, especially for parents of really young children, but stay calm and think of this as a gift rather than a burden.
The EzeeSport team are going to do all we can help you with these connections and to keep your children active while they are not at school. We will be doing some EzeeSport@Home classes for you and your children to join. We are still figuring out how best to do this but will keep you updated on our plans.

Even in these tough times, there is so much to be thankful for and doing this will also help you to stay positive.

Stay strong and keep smiling,

Peter, Fiona and Caitlin