EzeeSport Covid-19 Action Plan for Holiday Camps

  1. Please do not send your child to EzeeSport if they are unwell, have any signs of Covid19 or have been in contact with someone who has Covid19.
  2. Please respect other parents and maintain a social distance when dropping or fetching children on the day.
  3. Children will go straight to their cluster group upon registration and will remain in that group for the morning. Where the age discrepancy is not too large siblings and friends will be kept together.
  4. Cluster groups will be kept separate so as to minimise contact with too many other children.
  5. Children must bring their own packed lunches and water bottles which should not be shared with any other child.
  6. Hand sanitiser will be freely available for each cluster group and coaches will ensure regular hand cleaning especially after equipment use, when eating or after going to the toilet.
  7. Equipment will be cleaned regularly, and separate equipment will be allocated for each cluster.
  8. We will have a member of staff in charge of toilet runs to ensure good hygiene and social distancing is maintained.
  9. We will be monitoring any changes to government guidelines with regards to sport participation in case we need to make amendments to our action plan.