Getting Settled Guide for Parents

It is a top priority for us to help your child settle in the class as quickly as possible. Here are a few suggestions on how you could help us with this:

  1. If your child is attending a trial class, arrive a few minutes before the class starts to familiarise your child with the venue and to meet the coach. Children who arrive late are more reluctant to join in especially if the class has already started.
  2. Make sure your child is dressed appropriately for physical activity and has a bottle of water.
  3. Try not to bring toys or other items along to the class.
  4. Some children need to know what is going to happen before hand so have a look at our “what happens in a tots class guide” so you can help them to be a little more prepared.
  5. Bring a friend along – children do make friends at our classes, but it’s always easier to try something new when you have a friend with you.
  6. If your child is battling to settle but you have left them at a playgroup or other activity on their own before and know that they settle when you leave, being out of sight will help. Let the coach know this is what you are doing to do so they know where to find you if your child really does not settle.

Some children settle a lot quicker than others. If your child is holding back please be patient with them and the coach. We will do our best to make them feel welcome and comfortable with us. You may need to stay on court for the first week or two, especially if your child hasn’t done anything apart from you before.