Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

At the Sunset Club, we have a policy of foreseeing potentially dangerous situations so that injuries can be limited. Employees at the Sunset Club should realise that they are the responsible adults for the children who are in their care.

Serious Injuries

  • Contact the school office straight away so they can contact 999
  • Access the seriousness of the situation and follow the first aid procedures from the First Aid Essentials course.

Minor injuries

  • Have a first aid kit with you at all times and keep an incident sheet with your folder.
  • If a minor injury occurs e.g. A child falls and grazes a knee, do the following:
    • Assess the injury
    • Comfort the child while organising the rest of the children
    • Handle the injury – e.g. cold compress or plaster
    • Don’t make too much of a fuss and use distraction to help the child get over the injury
    • Offer the child a drink of water.
    • All injuries need to be recorded via  an incident form provided by the school.

How to prevent injuries occurring:

  • Make sure equipment is out of the way so that the children don’t trip over it
  • Do allow other children to pick other children up
  • Do not allow children to climb on items that are not secured or are too high
  • Do no allow children to walk around while eating or drinking
  • Be aware of the weather on hot or cold days and make sure children are appropriately dressed
  • Be aware of wet areas where children could slip
  • Make sure there is no glass risk
  • Make sure you are positioned so that you are able to see most of the children most of the time.
  • Do not allow children to go anywhere outside of Sunset club on their own

General Care:

  • Keep a register of all the children taking note of who comes and who goes at what time.