What happens at an EzeeSport After School Club?

Our after school clubs are designed for children of varying sporting abilities. The type of activities we do with the children are aimed at getting them active and having fun, so that they will find sport enjoyable and hopefully continue in a preferred sport after they finish our programme.

At the end of the school day, the children will get changed into their EzeeSport sports clothes. At some schools the teachers get the children changed before the coach fetches them. At other schools the children are sent to us and we assist them with getting changed in the designated area. Please make sure that the children’s school uniform and EzeeSport clothes are clearly marked.

While we are waiting for everyone to get changed, we give the children a few minutes to eat a small snack provided by their parents. This is optional, but the children do get hungry at the end of a school day.

Once all the children are ready for the class, we take the class register and go over the EzeeSport Rules. This sets the boundaries for how we run the classes and serves as a reminded of what is expected of them.

Structure of the Lesson:

  1. Warm Up – This is usually in the form of a fun game to get their bodies warmed up but also to build excitement for the rest of the class.
  2. Skills – We cover between 3 – 4 skills during an after school club depending on the number of children in the class. If the class is large the children are divided into groups and will rotate to various skill stations.
    The skills we cover will be dependent on the term:
    Summer – Striking and Fielding Game Skills e.g. Baseball, Cricket
    Autumn – Invasion Game Skills e.g. Football, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Rugby
    Spring – Wall and Net Game Skills e.g. Tennis, Squash, Volleyball
    Although our main focus for the term is on those specific group for sport skills, we will also revisit skills learnt in previous terms to add variety and to make sure they are keeping up with the skills already learnt.
  3. End Game or Mini- Match – We like to end the lesson on a high and know how much the children love our EzeeSport Games. This is their reward for staying focused during the skill section of the lesson. We may end some classes with a mini-match putting the skills just learnt into practice. 
  4. Team Talk and Stickers for charts – We allow for about 5 min at the end of the lesson to reward the children for the things they did well. Most of the children will get stickers for their reward charts. We try to award at least one child with a super star sticker each week for showing improvement in a skill and for respectful behaviour.

The children will be dismissed from the designated area at the school they attend. Please be prompt at picking them up as we often have another class we must get to in the afternoon.

What your child will need for an EzeeSport After School Club:

  • Sporty clothes – preferably an EzeeSport t-shirt, shorts and trainers. Children can wear their school PE kit, but please note that the children go home in their sports gear at the end of the session. If they are doing the class outdoors in winter please provide gloves, hat and a warm top.
  • A snack for eating before the start of the class.
  • A Bottle of water – we will give the children time at the beginning of EzeeSport to fill the bottle up if it is empty

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