What happens at an EzeeSport Tots Class ?

Our Tots Classes are designed for children of varying sporting abilities. The type of activities we do with the children are aimed at getting them active and having fun, so that they will find sport enjoyable and hopefully continue in a preferred sport after they finish our programme. We break the skills down to make them easy to learn and we add in fun story lines and games to keep the children’s attention.
EzeeSport is a teacher lead activity, so we will do our best to get you off the court and watching your child enjoy the session. This is dependant on age and the temperament of the child. *See our guide to helping a child settle in the class.

Once all the children are ready for the class, we ask them to choose a spot to stand on. This gives the them a safe place to come back to and gives the lesson structure.

We will always introduce ourselves to the children, so they get to know our name and if there are any new children in the class, we introduce them to the rest of the class too.

We then go over the EzeeSport rules so that the children know what is expected of them during the class. It also helps them to feel safe.

Structure of the Lesson:

  1. Warm Up – This is usually in the form of a fun game to get their bodies warmed up but also to build excitement for the rest of the class and a connection with the coach.
  2. Skills – We cover between 5 - 6 skills during a Tots class, sometimes more depending on the number of children in the class as well as the age range. The younger the children the more skills we will tend to do as their attention span is limited. These skills will be from various sports groups using a variety of equipment– throwing, catching, hitting, bouncing, kicking and movement.
  3. End Game– We like to end the lesson on a high and know how much the children love our EzeeSport Games. This is their reward for staying focused during the skill section of the lesson.
  4. Team Talk and Stickers for charts – We allow for about 5 min at the end of the lesson to reward the children for the things they did well. We do this by giving the children stickers for their reward charts and by pointing out things they did well. We try to award at least one child with a super star sticker each week for showing improvement in a skill and for respectful behaviour.
  5. The ball cry – We end the lesson with our EzeeSport song

What your child will need for an EzeeSport Tots Class:

  • Sporty clothes – preferably an EzeeSport t-shirt, shorts and trainers.
  • A Bottle of water

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