About Us

Hello from the EzeeSport Team

We absolutely love coaching children and seeing them develop in confidence as they learn new skills.
EzeeSport is a sports programme for children, introducing them to the base skills needed to play most ball sports. The main objective of the programme is to generate a love for sport in children from a young age and to build their confidence so that they reach a level of competence in the sports skills we coach and therefore can go on to play any preferred sport when they are older.

The age range of the children we coach are children aged 2 – 8 years. Foundation years to year 2 in school. EzeeSport is a brilliant first introduction to the world of sport for any child no matter what their ability is. It is a great foundation for very young children ( 2 – 4 years) and a wonderful programme to build the confidence of older children who haven’t been introduced to sport yet. In fact, even adults could benefit from the skills we coach in EzeeSport.

EzeeSport is a programme for both the child who will go on to play sport at a high level and the child who will go on to play sport on a social level.

How do we achieve this?

  • We make sure that our lessons are action packed with skills from various sports groups ( striking and fielding/ invasion games/net and wall games). We do focus on sports from these groups: cricket, baseball, basketball, netball, football, hockey, volleyball, tennis, squash.
  • We coach in a way that makes it fun for the children and keeps them involved.
  • We break down each skill into it’s splinter skills to make it easy to learn and also technically correct to deliver.
  • We focus on the whole child looking for opportunities to develop character and teach life skills.
  • We are actively involved in the coaching session and use positive reinforcement all the time to encourage children to preserve or reach their full potential.

All our coaches are DBS checked had have gone through safe guarding training.