Camp Programme

Session 1 - Warm up Games and Exercises
Timed Movement Course
- running
- balancing a cone on head
- running through a movement course
- dribbling a ball through movement course
Caterpillar Relay – with hoops
Ladder Relay
Crossing the River ( using 2 spots)
Fruit Salad Game
Ball It
Whistle Game
Object touching Game
Shark and Fish – follow my leader Game
Body parts Game
Grab It

Session 2 – Skills and Games
Small Ball Skills

- throwing a ball up in the air and catching it.
- catching by name in a circle
- High Catches (coach throws ball up in the air and pupil must catch it after one bounce no bounce)
- underarm throwing a ball at a target ( move target further away or use a moving target)
- overarm throwing at a target
- fielding a small ball
- bowling at a target ( 3-2-1)
Big Ball Skills
- overhead throwing ( at a target)
- underarm throwing ( at a target)
- throwing up in the air and catching a big ball
-  chest pass
- volley ball dig/ spike/block
- bouncing a big ball
- dribbling a ball
- kicking a ball – pass kick/ drop kick/lace kick
- cricket batting
Football by numbers
King and Dustbin
Hoop Ball
Penguin Splat
Dodge Ball
Paintbrush Game
The Zoo Game
HotDog Game
Bulldog ( Shark and Fish Game)
Fish in the sea
Pride Road
Sleeping Lion
Duck Duck Goose
Bunnie and Carrots

Water Games
Paintbrush Game with water guns instead of balls
Elephant Game - like sleeping lion game

Wet Play Ideas
King and Dustbin
Underarm throwing at a target
Spoons with cards
Killer Wink
Sports Quizz
11 Legs