EzeeSport At Home

Hi everyone
We are very pleased to announce that we have started our EzeeSport at Home Programme which can be found on our EzeeSport YouTube Channel.

EzeeSport At Home is a sports skills and fitness programme for children aged 2 - 8 years. Each week we will put up one video for 3 - 4 years  this can be adapted for 2 year olds (with the help of mum or dad) and one for 5 - 8 year olds.

You will need to make space for running around and throwing balls. So move anything out the way that could get damaged. Alternatively, if you have outside space then you can do the classes outside.

For most of our lessons, your child will need a big bouncy ball, a tennis ball ( or foam ball if you are indoors) a bucket - which can be used as a target and a beanbag or soft toy with beans in it. 
At the beginning of each video we will tell you what you need.
There are exercises and skills that your child will be able to do on their own, but some may require your assistance and participation. 

We hope you and your child have lots of fun doing these classes. 

EzeeSport At Home 

Peter and Fiona