Reward Charts

EzeeSport Reward Chart 

The EzeeSport Reward Chart gives your child the opportunity to collect and stick EzeeSport reward stickers onto our Reward Chart to earn a prize (“Roarsome” badge) for their sporting achievements after collecting 20 sticker.

This is how it works:

  • Every child who attends our classes will receive a Reward chart.
  • Each week your child will have the opportunity to earn a sticker.
  • They may not necessarily earn one every week but rather when we notice a child is executing a particular sports or sportsmanship skill correctly or demonstrates a marked improvement in any of these skills.
  • Some children may fill in their reward chart over a term while others may take much longer.
  • Below are 2 tables with the sportsmanship skills and sports skills and what is required to achieve one of these sticker awards.
  • Children can achieve more than one sport skill sticker for the same skill eg. There are lots of different ways to hit a ball – tennis, hockey, volleyball, cricket, baseball. If your child gets a hitting sticker it could be for any of these skills.
  • The same applies to the sportsmanship skills – one week they may get a sticker for Honour and Respect for following the instructions and in a week or 2’s time for showing respect to the coach.

Sportsmanship Skills

Good sportsmanship is about playing by the rules, discipline, respect, and self-control.  A good sport has fun because they enjoy playing the game more than the final outcome. 

Sportsmanship Skill

What is required to earn this sticker


·        Shows up for class every week and works hard

·        Independence – committed to going on with skills on his own without parental involvement.

·        self- confidence

·        Wears EzeeSport uniform


·        has fun because they enjoy playing the game more than the final outcome.

·        enthusiasm, smiling, happy, showing real enjoyment

Good Attitude

·        Being teachable

·        Ready to learn, play, have fun

·        Enthusiastic about what they are learning

·        Able to handle disappointment

Honour & Respect

·        Talk politely and act courteously toward everyone before, during and after class

·        Respect your teammates and coaches, equipment, the court, their kit

·        Respect the instructions

·        Play by the rules

·        Accept the judgment calls of the coaches without moaning & complaining


·        Waiting quietly when being given instructions

·        Waiting your turn

·        Perseverance with the task

·        Patience with a partner who is not as good


·        Loses without sulking,

·        Win without gloating or rubbing it in

·        Forgive yourself when you make a mistake and get right back into the game.

·        Listening to and following instructions

·        Able to handle disappointment well.


Team Player

·        Encourage your teammates, especially when they make mistakes.

·        Shows a desire to see all teammates participating and enjoying the game

·        Good partner work

·        Kindness

·        Truthful – especially when playing games and being given out.


Sports Skills


Sports Skill

What is required to earn this sticker


A big ball, 2 hands, 1 hand, alternate hands, on the move


Small ball with one hand, two hands, with a bounce, without a bounce, Big ball scoop arms, basketball catch on the ears


Hockey dribbling, Ezeebat dribbling, football dribbling, basketball dribbling


Big ball ( tunnels and trains) small ball, boundary method


Tennis forehand and backhand, hockey pass and hit, baseball hitting, cricket hitting, volleyball dig, volley, smash, Heading the ball


Pass kick, kicking on the move, drop kick


Overarm, underarm, overhead, chest pass, bounce pass, rolling,


Running, zig-zagging, hopping, skipping, side-stepping, jumping, pivoting


When the chart is complete please ask your child to take it into class to show his/her coach. If you could also email us beforehand so that we can make sure we have the prize ready.