Sunset Club

Willington Afterschool Provision by EzeeSport Wimbledon

We are pleased to inform you that booking is now available for the Sunset Club afterschool provision. Hopefully the steps below will be helpful in making your booking. If there are any problems please do contact the office:

Steps to make a booking:
1. Click on this link: Sunset Club
2. Under Holiday Camp/Club Venue you must select Sunset Club
3. Booking for Sunset Club will have 3 options for time slots.
Sunset club 1: 3 - 4pm
Sunset Club 2: 4 - 5pm
Sunset Club 3: 5 - 6pm
Bookings are set up on a monthly basis. You will need to book your child on the days you would like for each of the time slots you require. If your child is a sibling attending the first hour, you will still need to book your child on using the following code SIBSUN to get the first hour free. All other children pay £5 for the first hour and this is already setup on the bookings.
4. To continue with your booking, select BOOK. If it is the first time you are making a booking, you will first need to register your account on the system and then proceed with your bookings.
5. If you are booking the first hour and require other hours in the day, you will need to go back to the booking page and select a new time period - Sunset Club 2 and Sunset Club 3
6. To make payment, add the bookings you have made for each Sunset club and pay them in one amount to the EzeeSport Wimbledon Bank Account 03986948 sort code: 08-71-99
7. You will be able to view the bookings you have made via Booking History.
8. Please make sure you chose correctly as only the admin will be able to make any changes.
9. Booking should be made no later than a week in advance.