Sunset Club Behaviour Policy and Procedure

Managing behaviour:

Discipline is the age-appropriate controls and boundaries that you put in place at the club. The children must understand that the Sunset Club is safe environment, and to keep it safe they need to adhere to the boundaries put in place.

Discipline is not punishment. It is an opportunity to teach a child, and its aim should never be to hurt or humiliate. It’s about making the children feel safe in the club and about you remaining in control.


  • Set firm rules from the start and make sure the children know what they are.
  • Remain in control and provide the children with clear parameters of behaviour.
  • You need to remain calm, be consistent at all times.
  • Be aware of what is age appropriate.
  • Be aware of the child as a unique individual.
  • Always be fair.

Do not allow a disruptive child to take over the club and make it unpleasant for you and the other children.

What constitutes unacceptable behaviour?

  1. Behaving in an unsafe or threatening manner
  2. Hurting other children
  3. Consistently not listening to the Sunset Team when asked to do or not do something
  4. Running off
  5. Throwing equipment around
  6. Verbal abuse – inappropriate language or conversation with other children or the adults in charge

Disciplinary Procedures for The Sunset Club

We understand when a child's behaviour requires firm guidance, however in some circumstances our disciplinary procedures will be brought into action to protect the safety and enjoyment of the other children at the club. 

In an instance of unacceptable disruptive behaviour, the child will be asked to sit out for a few minutes during which time the manager will address the behaviour and explain the consequences of repeated noncompliance.

If the child continues to behave in an unacceptable manner they will be asked to sit out for a longer period. 

Parents will be notified either in person, via email or phone call, if a child has been behaving badly enough to upset the atmosphere at the club.

If the child persists with negative behaviour during future clubs, we will call the parent to discuss the best course of action. If the child shows a willingness to change and improve their behaviour, then they can return to future clubs.  

As a final resort, we reserve the right to exclude a child if they continue with their persistent unacceptable behaviour.  This may be for the next club, to give the child a chance to redeem their behaviour or it could be for the rest of the term.