What happens at an EzeeSport Birthday Party?

We often get asked this question so here is a little summery of how a typical party is run:
EzeeSport Parties are guaranteed to keep children entertained for a full hour if they 3  and 4 years old and for an hour and half if they are 5+ so that parents can sit back and relax while we take complete control.

You will need to hire a hall for the party. The bigger the better - the more space the children have to run around in the less chance they have of bumping into each other.  
If you are having a summer party, then a hall with the option of an outside area would be great.
You will also have to provide the party food. We do all the entertaining.

Before the Day :

  • You will need to confirm a date and time as well as hire the hall.
  • We will send you an email with questions you will need to fill in with all the details we need for the party.
  • As soon as you know who is attending the party, you will need to send us a list of names of those attending so that we can make up name tags.
  • Payment must be made the week of the party and no later than the day of the party. 
  • We will be in touch via email the week of the party to confirm that the venue and start time and make any final arrangements.

On the Day

  • We will arrive about 15 min before the start of the party as there is very little set up. We also like to be there in time to meet the birthday boy/girl before guests arrive.
  • We will start rounding up the children as they arrive and put name tags on them so that we can have a better connection with them during the party.
  • As soon as we have enough children to get going with activities we will get started with warm up and ice-breaker games. This generally lasts for about 15 min into the party to allow for late comers to arrive.
  • We then introduce ourselves to the children and go over some important rules which will help with keeping everyone safe.
  • The activities we run will depend on the age range of the children. Some of the things that we typically do at EzeeSport parties:
  • Warm Up Games the will capture the children’s attention and get everyone active.
  • Relay Races
  •  Sport Skills - either in teams or as a whole group depending on the numbers. We use the skills we know most children enjoy doing from our classes and holiday clubs. We can also adjust the skills we cover depending on the interests of the child whose party it is. For example: skills which are football or cricket or tennis related etc.
  • EzeeSport Games - We do have lots of really fun energetic games the children enjoy playing at our classes and holiday clubs and we include quite a few of these in our parties.
  • We have enough great games and sports skills up our sleeves to keep the children going for the allocated time.
  • At some point in the party we will stop for a water break. This may happen a few times depending on the weather.
  • About 10 – 15 mins before we end our session we will play a game which keeps all the children contained in one area. This allows parents time to set up tables and put the party food out.
  • For the last 5 minutes of the party entertainment, we have a little team talk and hand out stickers to each child who attended and present the party child with a small gift.
  • We then get them to head over to the food table in an orderly fashion and  then it’s all over to you.

We will pack up and say our goodbyes and hopefully leave you in charge of some happy children enjoying their party food.