What happens at an EzeeSport Holiday Camp?

EzeeSport Holiday Camps are guaranteed to keep children active and having fun for either half a day (9:00am – 12:00pm) or a full day (9:00am – 3:00pm).

Our holiday clubs are designed for children of varying sporting abilities. The type of activities we do with the children are aimed at getting them active and having fun. After many years of running holiday camps, we have a very good idea of what the children enjoy doing. The games and skills played with the children will differ depending on their age and ability.

Before the Day:
• You will need to book via our booking site: BOOK HERE 
• You will get an email confirming your booking and you can also access your bookings via your account by going to Booking History (this tab is located at the top of the page).
• If you don’t receive a confirmation email, then please contact us to make sure your child is booked on the days you have requested. Sometimes our emails go to Junk mail folders, so please have a look there in case you haven’t received a confirmation email.
• Occasionally with PayPal bookings, you aren’t returned back to the EzeeSport Booking website or if your transaction is interrupted Your child will be booked on, but your payment will not be made. If this happens, simply email us to let us know and we will give you the Bank Account details or PayPal details.
• Payment be will taken from your account straight away if you choose PayPal. However, if you choose Bank Transfer, we ask that you make payment within 48 hours to secure your child’s place. If you have not made payment by this time, it does not mean that you automatically lose the place. You will still need to contact us to let us know that you no longer require the place for your child.
• We will be in touch with you via email in the week of the holiday camp with further information, including where to register your child and what your child will need to bring along with him/her on the day.
We have set out below what your child can expect to do during a typical day at one of our holiday camps. The actual activities have not been specified, as these change from day to day and will also depend on the mix of children for that day, but you will still have a good idea of what we cover at our holiday camps.

On the Day
• Registration will open about 5 minutes before the start of the club, or when the coaches are ready to receive the children, but no later than 9:00am.
• While we are registering the children, we will run ice-breaker games with the children who have already arrived to help them settle and get to know the coaches who will be working with them that day.
• Once all the children have arrived, we go over some of our EzeeSport rules and safety procedures for that venue. It is at this point that the children are told about how we will do toilet runs and drink breaks.
• The children are then placed into age specific groups.
• We start the day with warm up games, which include the following: EzeeSport games/relay races/ movement courses.
• This is followed by sports skills e.g. volleyball, cricket, tennis, squash, baseball, hockey, football, rugby, athletics, netball and basketball. The sports we choose will vary from day to day.
• After practising the sport skills we end with a EzeeSport game or a mini-match incorporating the skills they have just learnt.
• At 11:30 the children staying for half a day will break for lunch. The children staying for a full day will have a snack break at this time. The snacks and lunch must be provided by the parents.
• At 11:45am, the children who are staying for half the day end off with a fun game and treasure hunt. They will be ready and waiting for parents to collect them at 12:00pm.
• The children staying for the full day will play a sports match, which could be any one of the following– for example: dodgeball, baseball, scatterball, mini-cricket, football, duster hockey or squash.
• This will take them through to the lunch break which is at around 1pm. Lunch is usually about 30 minutes long. For the children who eat quickly we have what we call downtime games e.g. board games or card games to play while they wait for the others to finish.
• The afternoon session will consist of sports skills, movement courses and our very popular EzeeSport games of which we have a huge variety to choose from.
• If your child is attending Leatherhead Leisure Centre Holiday camps, there is an option to go swimming in the afternoon at the additional fee of £2.60. Please confirm via email if you would your child to swim on the day. Your child must be at least 8 years old and able to swim 25m unaided. We need a minimum of 4 children to sign up for swimming for us to allocate a coach to look after them.
• The children are to be fetched by their parents at 3:00pm.

What your child will need on the day:
  • Sporty clothes appropriate for the weather (warm tops on cold days and sun hats on hot days)
  • Trainers (and a spare pair for outside, if requested)
  • A named bottle of water – this can be refilled at the water fountains
  • If swimming – all swimming gear (swim suit, goggles and a towel)
  • A packed lunch
  • An extra snack if staying for the full day
Please note that the children do get very hungry from all the extra energy they are using up, so please make sure they have enough food to keep them going for the day. 

Terms and Conditions